We're Hiring. applications end 1/06/2022


Yes, we actually just announced that!


This is a pretty crazy blog for us to be posting. We are looking to hire our first employee! The Joov brand was created only 4 years ago as a bit of fun, to help ease neck pain brought on via a motocross crash back in the day! The intention was only ever to have fun with it and never to establish it into a ‘proper business’.


We are lucky enough to have an extraordinary customer base that support the Joov brand all over the UK, Europe & even world wide!

Even throughout the madness of Brexit and Covid-19 we have been lucky enough to experience growth. So firstly I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has liked/ shared social media posts, recommended our products to friends/ family and of course our customers who purchase Joov products in stores across the UK & via our website.


Enough of the boring stuff – Job details…

Job title: Social Media & Content Wizard.


Job description

We are looking for someone who is capable of managing and growing social media accounts – IG, Fb, Twitter and yes I said it, unfortunately Tiktok as well!


Experience in creating relevant and engaging content that is in align with the Joov branding and brand ethos. Experience with analysing ads data. Ideally (but not limited to) someone with a passion for sports & fitness.


Ideal candidate will be fun, professional and ambitious with a drive to help grow a new but thriving sports & lifestyle brand in the UK.

Other job roles will involve replying to customers over social media platforms (potentially email as well) and give paramount customer service.


Opportunities to attend & work at large events and trade shows in the future. Some of which may involve travelling to different events around Europe and potentially worldwide.


Local to South Wales is preferred but not a necessity.


This will be the first Joov employee so I am sure there will be a few hiccup's at the start and some learning with both parties but it will hopefully be mainly FUN. I believe in working in a fun happy environment so if you like to stress out all day, you need not apply ;)

This will initially be a part time roll with a very real chance of turning into full time within a few months if all goes well.


  • Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to sales@joovmusclerub.com

  • Applications open until June 1st.

  • This will be a flexible role. Pay will depend on applicants experience and agreed hours and can be discussed at a later date.


Thank you for applying!



Founder & Director

Joov Sports Products