EU Customer Notice:

As of March 2024 we have started exporting to some EU Countries and Australia. If you are ordering from outside of the UK, you will be subject to your home Countries VAT/Duties fees. These will be billed to you by your home Country before you can claim your goods. 
We are working on changing this in the coming weeks - We aim to account for your handling fees and duties our end - So all you will need to pay in the future is our fees. 
As a small business we need a few more weeks of research and work to file the correct export forms to allow for this.

We have an EU distributor named 'In Balance' based in Sweden who you can order through to save money on taxes if you wish:

See link here:  https://inbalanceswe.com/ or you can try: https://d99e61-8f.myshopify.com/

Thank you for your co-operation.

Who We Are?

Here at Joov, we are sports enthusiasts with direct links to motocross, road racing and mountain biking, Triathlon, marathon & trail running, climbing, boxing and more, with an in depth knowledge in physiology and anatomy. As well as this, we are keen health and fitness freaks which means that when developing Joov Muscle Balm & Spray, we made sure we developed products that can help anyone from your beginner gym enthusiast with aches and pains to your seasoned professional athlete with serious DOMS in need of getting the edge on the competition.


About Joov Topical Sprays & Balms

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Completely chemical free & 100% natural
  • Tried and tested in countless sports & activities around the world
  • Developed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts


Benefits of Joov Sports Products

  • Used along side (not instead of) warm up
  • Help aid recovery after training
  • Help promote blood flow and oxygen circulation to active muscles
  • Help shift lactic acid build up
  • Help reduce muscle cramping and stiffness
  • Perfect way to help fight arm pump
  • REJUVENATE your muscles