Why Choose A Joov PT Plan.


Why Choose the Joov Sports Online PT Programme

  • Do you suffer with fatigue in that final section of the race?

  • Do your legs/arms tighten up to the point that it’s effecting your performance – and of course final position.

  • If your lungs feel like they’re going to give out half way & you feel you can’t push any more.

  • Or are you training your hardest in the gym already, but don’t seem to be making the gains and seeing the results you once did?


These are things clients tell me they are suffering with all too often. My advice to them is it’s not the intensity of a workout or the time spent in the gym, and definitely not the weight you’re lifting that determines the overall effectiveness of a workout.

If you choose to train through the Joov PT platform, we strip everything right back, analyse what you’re currently doing (or not doing) – From diet, to training, to competing and figure out what steps we need to do to move forward.

Sometimes that is more training, sometimes it is changing the way you train. Sometimes it’s even less training! But depending on your unique strengths, weakness’ and sport we can work together to come up with a suitable, achievable and FUN plan to help you achieve your goals.

Warning: A side effect of a proper training programme can result in a happier and healthier lifestyle, and may cause abs to show and guns to pop ;)


We’re now ready to go – Simply email us at info@joovproducts.com (or via our contact us page) with the following details and we will get back to you ASAP to arrange a FREE consultation.

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