Breakdown - What you will get + Prices.

A Breakdown of what will you receive from your PT package.

  • Joov online Personal Training offers you professional 1-1 coaching, anywhere in the world.

  • A clear plan that WILL help you achieve your sporting/ fitness goals.

  • Workouts that are suitable for Gym or Home exercises (Or a mix of both).

  • A bespoke personalised training programme made via our app + countless extra workouts you can try when ever you like!

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Regular check-ins from myself – Plus you can message us any time!

    We will arrange our initial check-in before we start your plan to workout your goals and find out your key measurements/weight, establish what your strengths & weaknesses are and other relevant information so we can devise a tailor made programme for you.

  • +Accountability for your actions – By this, we mean the very fact that you’re putting the effort in to sign up with us and work/ train with like-minded people will in itself motivate you to proceed and hit your goals.

  • Video technique feedback & critiquing – Ensuring you exercise in the most efficient, safe and correct way.

  • Tip and tricks from athletes in multiple disciplines that we work with.

  • 30% Off our full product range via our website. (discount code received when signing up)

PRICES – Yes, the main thing! Which is what most PT’s try to hide away from their pages!

Although I’ve been a PT for over 10 years, online training is new to me! Because of this I will be offering a discounted price throughout January.

January SignUps - Price £55pm

February SignUps - Price onwards - £95pm

There will be limited spaces available for the first month simply due to workload, so if you’re interested be quick as we have already had a lot of interest pre launch!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to make the first step to improving your fitness, upping your game to get the results you know you’re capable of and even aiding your mental health then sign up to the Joov Online Personal Training platform today!


We’re now ready to go – Simply email us at (or via our contact us page) with the following details and we will get back to you ASAP to arrange a FREE consultation.

Name | Age | Location | Sport | Goals.



  • Are there contracts? No, you can quit when ever you like

  • How long will it take to see results? That all depends on how hard you train, what you diet is like and if you stick to your programme. If you stick to your programme, you could look to see results within 3-4 weeks.

  • Do you need to go to the gym or can I workout at home? Ideally the gym is the best place as you have access to a lot more equipment. However if you are unable to get to a gym then we can make you a suitable home-workout routine that can still be very beneficial.