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My background in competing, professional training and coaching.

I have been a professional Personal Trainer and sports masseur for over 10 years, primarily working out of Newport International Sports Velodrome. I also run my own ‘PT in the park’ sessions most summers and have hosted group training camps abroad for young aspiring athletes several times over the years.

I have been training consistently since the age of 15. I have PT'd 1000s of different clients in a 1-1 and group environment. These clients can range considerably from professional motocross racers - professional cyclists - Football players - Runners, all the way to cardiac rehab patients in their 90s, and everywhere in between.

No two customers are the same, and everyone has a favourite way or type of training that I try to utilise. After all, if you enjoy your workouts you are more likely to try harder and maintain motivation throughout the session, as well as train consistently in the future! That being said I know when people need a change or are set in their ways. It is a fine balance of finding and incorporating what you love verses changing things up in order to make real & realistic gains.

Racing motorcycles from the age of 6 years old, I started competing at a competitive national level of motocross between 15-21, racing in the British Maxxis Championship as well as other national events, holding an ACU expert license in both motocross and superbike racing. That comes with it’s fair share of injuries - Broken Femurs, knees, wrists, ankle, ACL damage and even a broken neck leading to degenerative disc disease has shown me many alternatives way to train. Not just to be ultra fit aiming to be the best in a sport, but also to be pain free – something I know very well. This has given me first hand knowledge on what works to help alleviate acute & chronic pain, help mobilise painful stiff joints and help my clients (and myself) live a healthier happier life, gain confidence in their sport or live pain free. Or at least reduced.

Mobility & Flexibility, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Balance & Core development as well as postural work are my favourite areas. I like to train clients with mostly low impact exercises, as the sports I specialise in are for the most part high. Constant high impact exercises can cause unneeded ware and tare on joints which for the most part can be avoided whilst still keeping the workout challenging and beneficial.


Qualifications & Credentials:

  • A level - Anatomy & Physiology | Fitness Instructor level 2 | Personal Trainer level 3 | Level 3 Sports masseur | KettleBell / Spin / Circuit Class instructor

  • Over 10 years experience training 1000s of individuals.

  • Worked with professional athletes in a 1-1 and group environment.



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