What makes a JOOV PT plan different??


What makes JOOV SPORTS Personal Training Sessions different to a standard online PT programme?

Great question. We sponsor a lot of top athletes around the UK in various sports through the JOOV brand. We are utilising the networks we’ve built and will work with the athletes we support with our Warm-up | Hydration | Recovery | Skin-Care products to provide our customers with up to date, interesting relevant content on how the pro’s train for their sport.

This content will include tips directly linked to competing in a specific sport, as well as how the pro’s make the most our of their workouts – motivating and inspiring you to reach your sporting goals.


Example: If you race motocross – we will have a pro racer giving you their tips both on the bike, and in the gym. Likewise, if you are an Ultra Runner, we will have tips from our top ultra runners on how they train in the gym vs techniques they use during race. The same goes for several sports we are invested in!

To compliment this we will have our very own training app filled with workouts and video demonstrations for every exercise in your specific programme. We will provide detailed explanations on how and where to improve your technique to make sure you’re training in the most efficient and safe way.

We can achieve this via an online platform by asking each client to send in video footage of themselves performing each exercise. We can then scrutinise your technique and give you the correct instructions on where and how to improve. Whether it’s something simple like adjusting your posture or adding a slight bend to the knees. In fact, as an experienced PT, we will even be able to tell if the weight is too heavy for you, or even too light!

Technique is far more important than weight. Proper technique ensures maximum benefits and reduces the risk of injury.

We will maintain the Joov ethos of providing paramount customer support and 24/7 service. We aim to have either a phonecall, zoom call or at least a few whatsapp conversations with our PT clients once a week to check in and make sure everything is okay. Clients will also be able to get in touch when ever they want outside our agreed time – If for example you injure yourself and can’t do a specific exercise for a week, just message us and we will tailor your programme to suit you until you’re recovered.



We’re now ready to go – Simply email us at info@joovproducts.com (or via our contact us page) with the following details and we will get back to you ASAP to arrange a FREE consultation.

Name | Age | Location | Sport | Goals.