JOOV Tshirt - 'Born Too Send It'

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Our first Tshirt Launch!

Inspired by the love of putting your all in to something.

Whether that be sport - Sending a big jump, hitting a new 5k Pb, climbing a new route or earning your best position in a race. Or even work life - Setting new goals, applying for a new job, maybe even trying it out on your own!

We want to inspire you to be your best, try your hardest and, well... SEND IT.

Following true Joov fashion, we have tried to keep these Tshirts as eco friendly as possible whilst keeping premium quality. And without blowing our own trumpet, we think we have done a pretty good job as these T's are TOP quality and we know you'll love them too!

  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Certified Vegan Tshirts
  • Climate Neutral
  • Organic Textile Standard
  • Uni-Sex fit (But dayummmm they still fit well!)