Palm Protectors (x10 pairs)

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What do I get when ordering this? x10 pairs - x20 palm protectors.

Premium kinesiology tape to protect your palms from rubbing during activity- helping to reduce tares, blisters, callus'!

When we say you will barely know these are on, we mean it! These STICK to your hand! Meaning you can leave these on all day. And our Ultra thin tape allows the most feel, whilst giving you protection.


  • Extra Sticky
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • Single Use - Hygienic
  • Endorsed and used by pro athletes.

Used in a variety of sports: Motocross/ CrossFit/ Weight Lifting/ Calisthenics/ Gymnastics/ Tennis/ Golf/ Rugby/ Climbing - We always receive exceptional feedback from athletes within these sports and more!

How to use: There is also a Youtube link for you to watch a how to video:

  1. First, simply poke fingers through wholes (this will break the protective paper backing until palm protector is touching your knuckles. (logo side facing outwards)
  2. Peel away the protective backing paper (on the BACK of your hand side) and stick to the back of the hand first.

  3. Then, extend your fingers and straighten/ Flatten out your hand. Carefully slowly remove the paper backing on the palm side and begin to stick to your palm. Try to do this as smoothly as possible to avoid bunching up during activity.

  4. Rub your hands together to try and generate some heat - This allows the adhesive to stick better!

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