Athlete interview: Ava Whetstone-Magee

We at Joov Sports Products have been working with Ava and her team now for a few months. We interviewed Ava and asked her a questions about how and why she got into riding horses. Here is what she had to say.

She was even kind enough to give us insight in how she keeps fit for her sport, and has given us her weekly training programme!

Name: Ava Whetstone-Magee

Age: 15 yrs

Location: Leicestershire

Sports you compete in: Show Jumping Cross country and Dressage


When did you start the sport and how did you get into it?

I started when I was 4 years old, after listening to my grandad talk about his experiences as an event rider in Ireland. I remember looking at all the photos and just fell in love with horses.


If you didn't do this sport what other ones would you do?

Well I started Triathlons when I was 8 years old and loved them, the training was hard like any sport but I loved the build up to the day and the whole event. I'd have continued with this if my riding hadn't become so much more important.


What has the sport taught you in day to day life?

Well I don't know where i'd be without it. At a young age I learnt grit and determination not to give up. Like all people who love a sport sometimes things don't go well, you fall off, get injured and it sets you back, It's taught me to be brave.


How often per week do you train for your sport if at all?

I train with my horse 3 times a week, it's important for him that he has rest days in between training. For me personally I train with my personal trainer 3 times a week. You use different muscles when training to ride so leg strength and core balance are key.


Do you have any hobbies outside your sport?

Well it's not really a hobby but I model for fashion and sports brands, as well as starting my own equestrian apparel company last year, so hobbies at the minute are on the back burner. If I had to say what I love to do at the minute is watching a movie and mountain bike riding with my boyfriend, I suppose I have learnt to appreciate the things that mean the most.


Advise and Tips...

If I was to give advice and tips on developing your riding skills it's simple. You need a good team around you, for both you and your horse. To keep me in my best condition I have a personal trainer Tom@fitnesscabin who keeps me physically strong, then my sports therapist Sofia Bygrave who also helps with my body and diet. Joov has become part of this team, pre training and post training relief is essential to keep everything moving in the down time. That's what it takes just to keep me physically on point, I then need my trainer who works with me and my horse Jennie Sharpe owner of she's amazing. Without a good trainer it's difficult to progress so I owe her a lot. Like any sports person the key thing is to have the support of a team, the motivation to succeed and the tenacity not to give up.


My training program.


Day 1

  • Warm up 1k run

  • Goblet Squats 10kg x 15

  • Mountain Climbers x 20 each leg

  • Jump Lunges x10 each leg


  • Db Chest Press 6 kg x 15

  • Press Up (through knees) x 12

  • Lat Raises 2kg x 15

  • Leg raises x 12

  • Russian Twist 6kg x 12 each side


Day 2


  • Warm up run 1k

  • Lunges 6 kg each hand x 15 each leg

  • Squat jumps x 15

  • High Knees (running on spot) 30 second

  • Single Arm Rows 6/8 kg x 12

  • Double Hand Row 6kg (each hand) x 12

  • Bicep curl (each hand) 4kg x 15

  • Tricep dip x15

  • Plank 30 seconds - 40 seconds 50 seconds 60 seconds rest for same time as plank


Day 3


  • Warm up run 1k

  • Dumbbell deadlift (each hand) 8kg x12

  • Bulgarian split squats (each hand) 4kg x 12 each leg

  • Squats to over head press (each hand) 4 kg x 15

  • Dp chest press 6kg x 15

  • Bent over row ( Barbell) 15kg x12

  • Weighted crunch (toe touch) 4kg x 12

  • Wipers x 6


Best part about competing?

I love the adrenaline rush I get when we jump and even if we don't win it's the feeling that we succeed and feel so good together. Horse riding is the amalgamation of you and the horse so you're relying on your skills but also your horses attitude at the time. You can train for weeks preparing for an event and it's been perfect. Then you get in the ring and your horse just decides to throw you off. It's so frustrating but it's part of the sport, they have a mind just as much as you so you have to choose your battles and truly work as a team.


Favourite sports hero ?

Jennie Sharpe is 100% my hero, she's an amazing trainer and has overcome serious spinal injury and just keeps going. She's an inspiration as a professional and as a friend.


Tips for riders.

There is a lot of tips and information riders get but the ultimate one for me is. "Be as fit as your horse" They give you there all and we need to be prepared to return that to them.


How Joov Helps?

Before using Joov I relied heavily on sports therapy to loosen my muscles and keep me moving. Since lock down like everyone I haven't been able to access the therapy and found myself struggling. I was advised to try Joov and found the relief instantaneous. Understanding that I can use this pre workout on and off horse allows me to recover quicker. Its become my message in a bottle. I recently had a bad fall during a cross country event and used the CBD cooling spray which gave me such relief. It's truly now a tack box product. I literally take it everywhere with me, I also love the smell, it's my signature perfume :)