Session 4: Circuit City

Today’s workout is brought to you by Adam Dyer, Personal Trainer based in Bristol & Chippenham.

We met Adam firstly through Instagram (as everyone does these days) and got on straight away and recently bumped into him at the @SummitMoto motocross meeting at North Nibley.

It’s always a pleasure for us at Joov to collab with like minded people, and as Adam and I both love Motocross, Fitness & working out it only seemed right to invite him to write a Workout plan for the Joov Winter Weekly Workout blog.

I recently tried this workout and it is a killer session, as well as being super fun so I know you will all like it!

Anyway, enough of me chatting. Over to Adam…..


Circuit City / The all rounder


Location: Gym

Time: 30 minutes

This weeks session is quick circuit session that has got a bit of everything and is great completed with a partner or own your own.

Warm-up – Any cardio machine you like, 30 Calories


10 reps of each exercise repeat circuit 2x

Frog squats: Arms straight down and together, shoulders back, squat down to touch the floor with your hands, push through your heels to stand back up, repeat 10x

Spiderman Lunge : Start in a straight arm plank position , heel, hip , and shoulders all in a straight line, hands underneath shoulders. Step one foot to the outside of the hand, take that foot back to the plank position and repeat on the other side, each time your foot goes to the hand that is 1.

Downdog PU: Start in plank position, bend a the elbow, chest towards the floor to perform a push up, push back to plank , from there keep the arms and legs straight , hands don’t move, push hips into the air , relax the heels and think as if your bringing your chest to your thighs to stretch out through the shoulders, come back to plank and repeat the movment.




The Circuit Consists of 6 Mini Circuits that make up the session.


Each exercise you will do for 30s have 10s rest then move onto the next exercise. Once you’ve completed the mini Circuit twice you move onto the next one.

Eg Circuit 1 – 30s Ski , 10s rest, 30s bike , 10s rest, 30s ski, 10s rest, 30s bike, Move onto the next circuit.


Circuit 1:


  • Ski: Use the ski machine or Rowing machine and complete 30s at 80-90% effort

  • Bike: Any type of bike again work at 80-90% effort



Circuit 2:


  • Sit ups : If the gym has a sit up machine perfect use that. Alternatively place your feet flat on the floor hands on the head back to the floor, bring your chest to knees and slowly lower down, if you can’t do this without your feet coming off the floor use your arms to help you.

  • Back Extensions: Led on your front, ensure the laces of your shoes are pressed to the floor, squeeze your bum to push your hips into the floor, lift the chest off the floor keeping your chin to chest , hold for 2s at the top and then control back down

  • side plank: Lie on one side in a straight line, place the forearm on the floor, lift the hips off the floor, the heels hips and shoulders should all be in line, keep tensing the side of the stomach closest to the floor, and lifting the hips.



Circuit 3:


  • TRX Row: Start holding onto the TRX with palms facing each other, arms out straight, stood up straight, arms straight, pull the elbows back bringing the body towards the hands, squezze the shoulder blades down and back a the top. The further forward your feet are the harder it will be. Aim for a tempo of 3s on the way down 1s on the way up.

  • Push Ups: Start facing down hands to the side of the chest, tense your tummy and bring the body up by straightening your arms, control yourself down so your nose is about to touch the floor and then repeat if this is to difficult you can go onto your knees and do the same movement. Complete as many push ups in 30s aim to be doing them the whole time


Circuit 4:


  • KB Swing: Feet shoulder width apart , shoulder blades squeezed down and back, engage core. KB swing is all about the hips driving forward to propel the kettlebell to chin height, let the kettle bell swing through bend the knees to absorb, holding the shoulders and core tight , push the hips forward quickly to get the kettle bell to swing back to chin height, repeat.

  • Side Lunge: Start with feet together, step one foot to the side , keep both feet facing forwards, the leg you stepped with will bend at the knee , push the hips back keep the other leg straight , chest facing forward. If you want to add a weight hold a kettlebell/ dumbbell close to the chest, push back to the starting postion and repeat on the other side.

  • Reverse Lunge: Start with feet together , step one foot back and drop from the back knee which should just hover above the floor, the aim is to have both knees at 90degrees in the bottom position , chest tall(facing forwards), mainly using your front leg push back to the start postion and repeat. If you want to add a weight hold a kettlebell/ dumbbell close to the chest


Circuit 5:


  • Dumbell Bicep Curl: Dumbell in each hand , arms straight down by your side, palms facing leg, keep the elbows into body, curl wrist up to shoulder, turn palm to face the chest as you bring the arms up, control the arms back down to starting position, repeat.

  • Tricep Pull down: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, poke bum out, grab the rope with bent elbows and elbows into the body, maintain this position as your straighten the arms towards the hips, ensure arms are straight to work the triceps as much as possible, control the weight back to starting position, repeat

  • Decline PU: Feet on a box or a bench, hands in a push up position core tight, think as if your lifting the hips slightly as you don’t want them to drop, bend at the elbow , chest towards floor, push back to starting position.


Circuit 6:


  • Med ball slams: Med ball starts overhead, arms extended on your tip toes , as you slam the med ball into the floor drop into a squat position, when you pick it up again ensure your chest is facing forward shoulders back to keep your back straight, grab the ball get it back into the starting position and repeat.

  • Med ball over the shoulder: Squat down , grab the med ball, roll it over your shoulder, repeat rolling it over the other shoulder

  • AD Kneeling Rainbow slam: Ideally use a med ball that has bit of bounce, start on your knees, toes tucked under, ball starts to the side of the knees, pick it up with straight arms, take the arms over the head in a rainbow shape and slam then slam it the other side of the body, repeat transferring from side to side, the arm movement should be in the shape of rainbow.






I enjoy yoga and have found it really beneficial to the way my body feels, so I like to include some yoga poses in the cool down.


Childs pose: Kneeling on the floor, big toes together knees as wide you can , ensure top of the foot is on the floor toes relaxed, stretch your arms out infant of you as far as you can, try and relax your chest to the floor, hold for 20s, then take your left hand 45degrees over to your left, place your right hand on top of you left and push down with right hand, remember to keep the body towards the floor, hold for 10s repeat on the other side.


Downward facing dog: start in a plank position with feet shoulder width apart, keep your hands still, push your hips into the air as high as you can, keep the arms and legs straight, relax the heels towards the floor, think about getting the chest towards the thighs, hold this position focusing on your breathing and pushing up through shoulders and relaxing through the heels. Hold for 30s .


Glute stretch into Pretzel: Led on your back hug your left knee into your chest , hold for 10s, let the knee relax slightly so its above the hip, using your right hand take the knee across your body to the floor on your right side, try and keep your left shoulder blade on the floor, hold for 10-20s, maintaining this position bend your right leg towards your bum and grab it with your left hand, pull it into your bum, you should feel this through the front of the thigh, you should now look like a pretzel, hold for 10-20s and then repeat on the other side.

End of Workout.



You can check out more info on Adam and his PT Sessions here:

IG: Always_Developing41

Thank you for reading!