Session1: ''My Legs Are on Fire''

Welcome to week one of the Weekly Winter Workout Blog. We will write a new workout, either based in the gym, home or even outdoor every Friday until Christmas. Each session will be totally different, with the aim that everyone can learn and benefit from a programme - whether you're a seasoned gym rat or a gym novice.


Throughout the winter we will have guest PT's writing fitness sessions for you to try, as well as professional athletes giving tips in their chosen sport, and sharing knowledge on how you can improve elements of your training, recovery, flexibility and even mindset.

Today's session is going to be called the Leg Burner. So let's get into it!



Location: Gym

Time: 45-60mins


  1. Get the blood flowing and muscles loosened with a Warm-up – Take 5-10 mins on any cardio machine you fancy. Bike/ Treadmill/ Cross-Trainer/ Rower. 

  2. 'Turn The Kettle On'. Medium difficulty Circuit:

  • Kettle Bell Swings x15

  • Kettle Bell Squat x15

  • Sumo squats x15  (Wide leg squats holding kettlebell)

  • 30second rest.

Repeat for x4 sets.


  1. Leg Press - Pyramid sets: Start off on a light weight & gradually increase weight and reduce reps.

  • Lightweight (whatever is light for you) x20Reps

  • Increase weight and drop to 15Reps

  • Add more weight and drop to x10Reps

  • Add weight reduce to x8 Reps.

    Once complete, work your way back in the opposite direction finishing on lightweight for x20 reps.


  1. Leg Extension. One Leg At A Time.

    X10 Reps Each Leg | x4 Sets

Select a medium weight for you. No rest in-between each set. When one leg is working, the other leg is resting.

  1. Leg Curl(Hamstring Curl). One Leg At A Time.

  • X10 Reps Each Leg |  x4 Sets

INFO: The reason we are using one leg at a time, is because most people, without realising will have one leg slightly stronger than the other, or will push/pull with one leg more than the other – Training one side slightly less/more than the other.

Using one leg at a time ensures we put the same amount of force/effort into each leg.


If you’re feeling spicy…

  1. Bosu Ball Squats. If you’re feeling confident, and your legs haven't turned to jelly we can finish off with some balance work with Bosu ball squats. These are a great way to introduce your core muscles into a workout, as well as the deeper stabilising ‘balance muscles’ in your hips, knees and ankles.

  • X20 Reps | x4 Sets.


  1. Stretching… I think stretching is so undervalued in training these days. I always finish sessions off with a stretch, and depending whether I have particular bad DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) I will apply some Joov spray to mainly my Hamstrings because they’re always tight!

    So if you have time I recommend a full lower body stretch. This will only take around 10mins (ideally longer but some is better than nothing) and the benefits that come with it far outweigh the 10, boring minutes!

    What will stretching do?

    Reduce muscle aches, speed up recovery time, reduce risk of injury in future sport or exercise sessions and believe it or not, if you suffer with a bad back or neck, stretching your leg muscles can often lead to less pain as a lot of the time, back pain can be caused from muscle tension which often stems from a tight core. I like to think of the core to be anything directly attached to the Pelvis. So tight legs definitely play a part in some spine pain! Speaking as someone who has spine problems, leg stretches can definitely help more than you think!


  • Hamstring Stretch

  • Quad Stretch

  • Inner thy (wide leg) stretch

  • Hip Flexor stretch.

  • Piriformis Stretch 

 As this workout is Leg workout I will go into more detail on stretching in another weeks blog.

 Workout Complete!


Thank you for taking the time for reading this. I hope you enjoy(ed) the session!

Come back next week for another WEEKLY WINTER WORKOUT!

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