Session 3: On The Pull

Weekly Winter Workout.

Session 3: On The Pull

Location: Gym

Time: 45-60mins

This weeks session is all about ‘Pull’ movements. Pull movements (in general) mainly focus on Back and biceps (for upper body).


As with every session we start of with a warm-up – Any cardio machine you like, for 10-15mins.

Exercise 1:

  • Pull Ups. We’re going to do 70% of max amount of pull ups you can do in a row. So if you can do around 10 pull ups, that would make 7reps.

    7 Reps – 3 Sets. With a 45second rest in between

    TIP: try and fully extend your arms on the way back down. No swinging – This isn’t cross fit ;)

Exercise 2:

  • Lat Pull Down machine.

    X12 reps 4sets.

Exercise 3:

  • Seated Row.

    X12 Reps 4 sets

TIP: For both Lat Paull Down & Seated row. Remember to always breath on the hard bit (in this case the PULL motion). Keep good posture and maintain slow controlled movement throughout.

Exercise 4:

Light weight circuit. Grab yourself a light barbell – Say 10kg.

45seconds of each exercise

  • Bent Over Rows

  • Squats

  • Upright Rows

  • Bicep Curls

  • 45 secs Rest.

    Repeat x4 times


Exercise 5:

Bicep Burners! Grab two low weight dumbbells. For context of ‘low weight’ - My skinny arms can only do around x3 clean reps at around 14kg – and for this exercise I like to use 4kg dumbbells

  • x50 Reps x 4 sets.

    Yes, I know it’s a lot, and sounds ridiculous, but the pump you get after this is awesome, and it really helped me increase the amount of pullups I can do, and even advanced me to be able to Muscle Up.


Exercise 6:

Reverse Flys: Cable machine OR free weights on a bench

  • x12 Reps x4 sets.


End of Workout.

I hope you liked this one all.

Tom Johnson.

Joov Sports Products.