Session2: Raw To The Core.

Weekly Winter Workout.

This workout will be short and sweet. When you don’t have enough time for a proper session, but want to get a quick abs burner in. This is one of my favourite ones because you’re in and out pretty quick, but you know you’ve worked hard by the end of it!

Session2: Raw To The Core.

Location: Gym

Time: 45mins


As Always, we start with a WARM UP. Any cardio machine for 5-10mins.

Exercise 1: Circuit: No weights required.

  • Crunches x15

  • Russian Twists x15

  • Leg Raises x15

  • V-Ups x15

    Rest x1min

    Repeat x4 Sets


Exercise 2: Supermans

x15 Reps | 4Sets

Info: These will work lower back strengthening sometimes neglected muscles that can help stabilise your entire core.

TIPS: Lay face down on the mat: Place hands either to your ears or straight out in front – Try to keep feet/legs on the floor, and raise your chest and upper body off the ground. Think the opposite to a sit up.


Exercise 3: Hanging Leg Raises

15 Reps | x4 Sets

Find a pull up bar. Hang from the bar so legs are off the floor, and raise legs to a 90* angle from hips in a slow controlled manor.

TIP: Try to keep body still. As little swinging motion as possible.


Exercise 4: Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

15Reps | x4 Sets

Equipment: Cable Machine

Info: Adjust the cable height to the top of the machine. Attach a straight bar.

Stand in front of the bar with arms reaching out straight. Pull Bar down to your waist area whilst keeping arms straight. This will work your Lats, Top of your triceps and engage abdominals.


Exercise 5: Plank bounces (one I’ve made up)

x15 Reps | x4 Sets

Info: Start off in a normal plank position. Raid your bum into the air, and look towards your toes, then return back to normal plank position.

Each full movement is a rep.

Each movement contracts the abdominal muscles and gives a great core workout.

Exercise 6: Oblique Side Bends

x20 Reps Each side | x3 sets

Info: Grab a medium sized kettlebell or dumbbell.

Hold weight in one arm, to the side of your body. Bend from the hips sideways, towards the side your holding the weight, then return to straight standing position for one rep.


Workout Complete!

Thank you for taking the time to try, or at least this workout!

I hope you enjoyed it, and your abs are aching!

Come back next Friday for another FREE WORKOUT!

Written by Joov Founder & Personal Trainer Tom Johnson.


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