HOW TO: cool down and recover more effectively & efficiently

Cooling down after a gym session or sporting event is often forgot about. Once we've completed a particular activity or gym routine we're normally happy to call it a day and sip a protein shake or kick back and Netflix and chill. But there can be some real benefits to the way your muscles recover if we take the time to cool down properly. This doesn't have to take hours. It can be as little as 15 mins at the end of the session.

Once we've warmed up and completed the harder more intense part of either our gym routine, or competition it's great to take the time to have a slow jog or cycle, or stretch it out. For example if you've just finished a real hard leg session in the gym, you know you're going too ache like crazy for the next few days so it makes sense to try and reduce the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This means you ache less and can get back training sooner! Win win. 

Cool downs will ideally change depending on what your primary exercise routine was for the day. E.g. After 'Leg day' you could opt for a slow cycle or jog on the treadmill. By doing this you are encouraging blood flow to the area (in this case legs). This is helping to shift the lactic acid build up which is the primary cause of DOMS which is what gives you the horrible aching feeling.

We only want to take it steady – nothing that is going to get your heart rate going too much. Around a 3 on the scale from 1-10 (1 being you've just woke up and are full of energy, 10 being you've just done an ironman triathlon).

Instead of or as well as a light jog/walk or cycle on the static bike you can stretch it off. We all know the benefits of stretching – Increases flexibility, reduced risk of injury – But it can also help aid recovery, reduce DOMS and even help increase strength.

After a gym session or competing in sport I personally always love to stretch. Maybe it's my past broken bones and injuries but if I feel like a zombie for the next few days if I don't stretch. Stretching doesn't have to take up a huge amount of time. A quick 10-15 mins will definitely help. Even 5 mins if you're in a rush – But the longer you take to stretch the more your body will thank you. You will even start to notice your workouts getting better and you will more than likely even notice and increase in strength!

2 for 1 on recovery!
Joov Muscle Balm/Spray can work wonders along side a stretch or cooldown. Massage Joov into the desired area and whilst you stretch and begin to feel the warming sensation soothe your muscles. Not only are you getting the benefits of stretching, you are also getting the warming and increased blood flow helping to reduce muscle aches and pains, giving you an even more effective cool-down/ Stretch.

You can use any of our topical sprays or balms to aid with recovery, but if you want to take it to the next level you can use our CBD Cooling muscle spay.

CBD is becoming more and more recognised for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties around the world. Combine that with our unique blend of essential oils that are picked specifically for their soothing, moisturising, pain relieving properties and you have yourself the ultimate recovery spray. This can also be used on more chronic muscle/ Joint pains and is loved by a wide variety of people who suffer from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Of course you do not need to use Joov to stretch, but it works wonder AND FEELS GREAT. So we definitely recommend it!

If you want to learn more about stretches and exercises that can aid with not just recovery but give you a better more pain free way of life here is a link to Joov ambassador and advocate Dav Jones.

Based at Niya Yoga, Doha, Qatar. Davin teaches internationally at retreats, teacher trainings and workshops. teaches internationally at retreats, teacher trainings and workshops.