HOW TO: Warm up

Warming up before training or exercise is vital. A great comparison is if you can imagine your muscles to be blu-tac. When cold it is not able to bend, flex, stick to things and work to its full potential. But if you roll it around your hand and squish I between your fingers for a few minutes it warms up and becomes more malleable and effective.

This is the same with your muscles – We need to warm up our muscles before putting them under strenuous activity (sports, exercise, gym) to allow them to stretch and work more efficiently

A good warm up will not only help prevent injury but also allow you to get the best out of your body, and your training.

Joov muscle sprays/balms are a great way to get the best out of a warm-up.

A great way to incorporate Joov muscle spray/balm into a warm up is to apply Joov onto the desired area/region that feels particularly tight or aching prior to beginning your warm up.

Joov Spray/Balm will work along side stretching or warming up by increasing the blood flow to the area – in turn increasing the amount of oxygen that goes into muscles in that area. More oxygen & red blood cells into a muscle means greater recovery and primes the connections between your nerves and muscles improving the efficiency of movement.

The action of exercise & warming up will also naturally increase your heart rate – Therefore your blood flow will naturally increase throughout your whole body enabling more oxygen flow into all of your muscles.

Here is a small easy to do warm up.

  1. Star Jumps x30 seconds
  2. Jogging on the spot x30 seconds
  3. Arm swings x 10 - both directions
  4. Body weight lunges x10 on each leg
  5. Body weight Squats x10

All of us are different and each of us will take a different length of time to warm up. You may even feel some days you are naturally more energised and ready for exercise than others.

A great way to tell if you have effectively warmed up is if you rate your self on a scale from 1-10.

1 – You're completely fine, not out of breath at all. As if you're sat down watching tele.
10- you've just ran a marathon and are completely exhausted.

We want to be around 2/3 potentially a 4 before we begin a workout or start competing.

Using Joov muscle sprays or balms is not a substitute to warming up. You should always warm up with physical activity – Joov Sprays and Balms can be used in addition to warming up to get the most out of your training.