MOTOCROSS: Warming up on Race Day & unexpected ways it can help.

We've gone into how and why warm up's are important in a previous blog ( so I don't want to bore you with too much repeated info.


Speaking as a past racer, and personal trainer I know first hand how many riders skip their morning warm up and get on the bike first thing looking to send it.

We all know Motocross is one of the toughest, most demanding sports on the planet. You wouldn't walk into the gym and just start smashing out your heaviest weights without warming up with a light jog, or the very least a few reps of light weight – So why do so many riders jump on the bike and let it rip?


Warming up doesn't have to take too long, and you will definitely notice the benefits on the track. Warming up doesn't just increase blood flow around the body, reducing risk of injury. It also stimulates blood flow to your brain, helping to increase reaction time firing you up for later braking, lower scrubs (not in my case!) and a step closer to getting that holey!


Here is a small warm up session anyone can do in the paddock on race day morning.

(30 seconds of each)

  • Jogging on spot

  • Squats

  • Press ups

  • StarJumps

Repeat until you are around 3-4 on the scale.

(1 being you've just chilled in a jacuzzi for 30mins and are fully relaxed. 10 you've just ran a marathon).


How Joov Sports Products can help you warm up before racing.

Massage our muscle oil (spray) or balm into an area that is feeling particularly tight or that you know will be aching in the race. Both Muscle Spray and Muscle Balm products create a warming effect on the muscles. Combine this with the very act of massage and you will help stimulate blood flow to the applied muscle. The more blood flow to the area means more oxygen. This then helps warm the muscle up preparing for exercise & can help reduce the amount of lactic acid build up also helping to reduce recovery time.

Extra Tip: Many Riders also suffer with ARM-PUMP! You can use Joov to help with arm-pump before and after you race. simply apply either our balm or oil to the forearms and massage in to help prepare your arms for the race, or to help recovery after your race!